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Why Is My Dryer Taking Forever to Dry Clothes?

Updated: May 28

Are you tired of asking, "Why is my dryer taking forever to dry clothes?" Do your clothes need two to three drying cycles? Have you ever worn damp clothes to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! There's nothing more frustrating than a dryer that takes forever to dry clothes. While dryers often lose efficiency with age, low maintenance can be an even bigger culprit. Here’s how you can understand your dryer better and keep it running efficiently.

Understanding How Your Dryer Works and Maintaining It

Every dryer operates by using hot air to dry clothes. Air is drawn into the dryer through vents, heated, and then blown into the drum. This heated air is typically generated using natural gas, propane gas, or electricity. As the air circulates through the drum, it collects moisture from the clothes and then exits the dryer through a duct, passing through a lint screen. Over time, lint and dirt can accumulate on this screen, blocking airflow and reducing the dryer’s efficiency.

To keep your dryer running smoothly, regular cleaning is essential. Light users should clean their dryers every six months, while medium to heavy users should clean them two to three times a year.

Common Dryer Issues and Solutions

Even with regular cleaning, your dryer might still take forever to dry your clothes. This could be due to worn-out or broken parts. Here are some common issues to check:

Jammed Blower Wheel

The blower wheel, along with the drive motor, circulates air inside the dryer drum. If lint passes through the lint screen and accumulates on the blower wheel, it can cause the wheel to wear out and wobble. This reduces the dryer’s efficiency. To check the condition of your blower wheel, remove the dryer and inspect the airflow. If it’s weak, check if the blower wheel wobbles. If it does, it needs replacement. Schedule an appointment with Superior Dryer Vent for a professional inspection and replacement.

Gas Dryer? Check Your Solenoid Gas Valve

For those with gas-powered dryers, the solenoid gas valve could be the issue. Gas dryers have multiple solenoid coils that regulate gas flow to the burner. If the igniter glows but doesn’t light the gas, a broken solenoid might be the cause. It’s recommended to replace all solenoid coils simultaneously for optimal performance.

Dysfunctional Moisture Sensor

Modern dryers use moisture sensors to send data to the control board, which adjusts the airflow accordingly. A malfunctioning moisture sensor can send incorrect information, causing the dryer to operate inefficiently. If your dryer has been left unmaintained for a long period, this might be the cause of your problems. Professional assessment and maintenance can resolve these issues, ensuring your dryer operates efficiently and keeps your energy bills in check.

An efficient dryer not only saves time but also reduces energy costs. If you’re experiencing issues with your dryer, contact us today to speak with a professional dryer cleaning and repair expert. Schedule your free dryer vent inspection today or join the waiting list and save money!

By following these tips and maintaining your dryer regularly, you can ensure it works efficiently and keeps your clothes dry in a single cycle. Say goodbye to damp clothes and long drying times!

Contact Us today to talk with a professional dryer cleaning and repair expert. Schedule your free dryer vent inspection today or join the waiting list and save money!

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