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Dryer Products to Help Maximize Laundry Safety and Efficiency

If you have to do laundry, it shouldn’t take all day long. It’s time for a quicker, more efficient laundry solution.

Transition Hoses

We offer and install high-quality transition hoses. Dryer manufacturers caution against using plastic flexible hoses, as they pose a fire risk and tend to crush, reducing airflow. While semi-rigid aluminum hoses are more resistant to fire, they can be challenging to maneuver into tight spaces and are prone to crushing under pressure. Our HomeSafe hoses combine the best features: they are as flexible as foil, maintain a full 4” diameter for optimum airflow, and are crush-resistant, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Why choose our transition hoses over those you might find at a hardware store? Let’s examine the options available:

Historically, two types of 4" clothes dryer transition hoses are popular: "slinky" foil and semi-rigid aluminum. Both types have their advantages and drawbacks for installers and homeowners alike.

”Slinky” Foil

Slinky foil is valued for its flexibility, easily fitting into tight spaces and simplicity in handling. However, its flammable Mylar coating and abrasive properties can compromise safety. Its narrower 3.25” inner diameter disrupts airflow, reducing dryer efficiency.

Semi-rigid Aluminum

Semi-rigid aluminum is better at withstanding heat from dryer fires and maintains a full 4" diameter to ensure efficient airflow. However, its stiffness makes it difficult to install in constrained spaces, and it can easily be crushed if pressure is applied.

HomeSafe Transition Hose

HomeSafe hoses offer the best of both worlds. They are the only hoses on the market that combine the flexibility of foil with the airflow efficiency and safety features of semi-rigid aluminum. They maintain a consistent 4" diameter under compression or extension, ensuring uninterrupted airflow and reducing the risk of lint build-up and fire hazards.

Transition dryer hose coiled up. The hose is a silver color.


Utilize DampRid to capture excess moisture and prevent musty odors from harming your valuable items. This all-natural product contains moisture-absorbing calcium chloride crystals that only activate in the presence of excess humidity, ensuring it lasts longer since it only works as needed.

  • All Natural

  • Maintains Optimal Humidity Level

  • Protects against stale and musty odors

DampRid box which has a purple lid and the text activated charcoal.

Dryer Box

The Dryer Box enables your dryer to be positioned flush against the wall, freeing up valuable space in your laundry room. But there's more! It neatly encases the transition hose within the wall, preventing it from being crushed and thereby eliminating airflow restrictions. Additionally, it offers added protection against the spread of a dryer fire.

  • Professional Finish
  • Safer, More Spacious, More Efficient

  • Protects against Dryer Fire Spread

Shows the dryer box inserted in the wall with a transition hose installed.

Washer Hoses

Bursting washing machine hoses are a leading cause of severe water damage in homes. It is advisable to replace rubber washing machine hoses every 5 years. During our initial inspection, we assess the condition of your washer hoses. Our technicians carry new, high-quality washer hoses for immediate replacement or installation during your appointment.

  • Rubber Reinforced with Polyester

  • Includes a 90° Elbow for Installation in Tight Spaces

  • Burst Resistant

  • Color-Coded for Easy Installation

A red and a blue washer hose.

Wall Terminations

Our Wall Terminations feature a sleek, low-profile design that enhances your home's exterior. Constructed from 22 gauge galvanized and powder-coated steel, they offer durability and a long lifespan. The lightweight damper and unobstructed opening ensure there are no airflow restrictions. Additionally, these terminations are designed for quick installation, whether in new or existing dryer vents.

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Available in Three Colors

  • Zero Airflow Restrictions

  • Features a Balanced Magnetized Damper

Showing a beige and a black wall termination installed into two different wall materials.

Bird Guard

Our Bird Guard offers protection against birds and other wildlife like squirrels and raccoons that may attempt to nest. It's crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel mesh, ensuring it won't rust or corrode over time. This guard is designed for easy installation over most dryer ducts or bathroom vents.

  • Easy to Install

  • Rustproof

  • Effectively Prevents Animal Nesting

BirdGuard which shows a cube of plastic mesh in a white color.

Dryer Balls

Steer clear of fabric softeners and dryer sheets! The residues from these products adhere to your dryer vent's interior walls, accelerating lint accumulation and leading to quicker clogs. These residues also make cleaning more challenging. As a healthier alternative, consider using dryer balls. HomeSafe Dryer Balls are a durable option, lasting for up to 1,000 loads, unlike disposable sheets or liquid softeners, thus offering cost savings.

  • Fluffs laundry, preventing clumping

  • Enhances air circulation

  • Reduces drying time by 20%

  • Made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool

  • Naturally softens fabrics

  • Helps eliminate wrinkles and static

A beige bag to hold the dryer balls in with several wool dryer balls around it.

Booster Fan

When dryer ducts are overly long or have numerous bends, they generate high "back pressure," which significantly reduces the airflow being expelled from the dryer. It's common to encounter exhaust systems extending over 40 feet with drying times exceeding two hours! In such cases, a Booster Fan becomes necessary. This fan is especially crucial when the length of the dryer vent exceeds 30 feet or when there are multiple elbows and turns in the system, as these factors can impede airflow efficiency.

Booster fan with all of the installation accessories.

Lint Brush

It's essential to clean your lint filter either before or after each drying cycle, but what about the debris that collects in the lint filter cavity? Our Lint Brush is designed to effectively remove dust, lint, and hair that accumulate in the Dryer Lint Filter Housing. If not cleared, this buildup can diminish the efficiency of your dryer and pose a fire risk.

  • Features a bendable fiber brush for easy reach

  • Ergonomic comfort grip for effortless handling

  • Includes a hang-up feature for convenient storage

  • Crafted with a durable design to withstand frequent use

A blue brush with a white base and blue bristles.

Roof Hoods

Our Roof Hoods are specifically engineered for dryer vents, designed to comply with all building codes and to enhance airflow efficiency significantly. Constructed to withstand harsh elements, these hoods come equipped with a damper to deter pests. The water-tight collars rise above the nailing flange, effectively preventing water intrusion.

  • Zero Airflow Restrictions

  • Provides Easy Access for Cleaning

  • Resistant to Weather and Pests

A black roof hood with blue in the background.

Dryer vents are our sole focus. Since 2009, we've cleaned, repaired, and enhanced over 10,000 dryer vents throughout North Texas. Explore our range of dryer solutions and accessories designed to boost laundry safety and efficiency.

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