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Fall Cleaning before the Holiday Rush

Updated: Jun 11

Nearly everyone is familiar with spring cleaning, yet autumn cleaning is just as crucial (think organizing the laundry area, gathering leaves, and clearing rooftop dryer vents). Indeed, it's wise to undertake a periodic cleaning regimen in your Dallas-Fort Worth residence at least biannually. Such tasks rejuvenate your dwelling and ready it for the upcoming seasons. But what tasks are essential for fall cleaning? Here, we delve into key responsibilities to add to your autumn cleaning checklist. This checklist covers all from your rooftop dryer vents and chimney, to your laundry space and all that lies between.

Exterior Fall Cleaning Tips

Initiate your autumn cleaning outside before the cold sets in. Small creatures such as mice, rats, and squirrels start looking for winter hideouts early, including places like your ground-level or rooftop dryer vents. Key outdoor cleaning tasks for the fall include:

  1. Cleaning out dryer vents and inspecting the screens

  2. Sweeping the chimney and fitting a chimney cap

  3. Cleaning the gutters and installing screens as needed

  4. Removing general debris from the rooftop

  5. Inspecting roof shingles for damage

Moreover, you should remove clutter from your sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. Get your garden ready for the cold by raking all leaves. Pressure wash your windows, outdoor surfaces, and patio furniture. Also, put away patio furniture to safeguard it from winter moisture damage.

Fall Cleaning for Your Kitchen

In cooler weather, the kitchen becomes the central hub of your DFW home. It's often the first place people enter after coming home from school or work, during meal times, and when seeking social interaction as the temperature falls. Autumn cleaning in the kitchen mirrors your spring cleaning checklist. You should clean your appliances, declutter and wipe down countertops, scrub the sink, and clean the floors.

Bathroom Cleaning for Fall

Your bathroom requires thorough cleaning in the fall while maintaining smaller, routine cleanings all year round. Essential fall cleaning tasks in the bathroom include:

  1. Clearing countertops

  2. Washing down the walls of showers or enclosed baths

  3. Scrubbing the tub, shower, toilet, and sink

  4. Replacing towels

  5. Sweeping and mopping the floors

  6. Dusting walls and ceilings to eliminate cobwebs

  7. Cleaning light fixtures and the ceiling vent or fan

Living Room Cleaning for Fall

Autumn cleaning in the living room should concentrate on eliminating allergens, removing dust, and decluttering to create a comfortable space. Given the extensive time spent here during the cold Dallas winters, ensuring clean air and a relaxing environment is crucial. Key cleaning tasks for the living room this fall include:

  1. Decluttering the area

  2. Cleaning carpets, rugs, and curtains

  3. Dusting walls and ceilings to get rid of cobwebs

  4. Vacuuming or having the upholstery professionally cleaned

  5. Cleaning under furniture

  6. Preparing and cleaning the fireplace

  7. Sweeping and mopping hard floors

  8. Cleaning lighting fixtures or ceiling fans

  9. Wiping down television screens and other electronic equipment

Bedroom Cleaning for Fall

Much like the living room, bedroom cleaning in the fall should primarily target dust, debris, clutter, and allergens, as these can contribute to various health issues during months spent mostly indoors. Allergens and dust may lead to respiratory difficulties, heightened susceptibility to colds, allergic reactions, and headaches. Key fall cleaning tasks for the bedroom should encompass:

  1. Cleaning carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture

  2. Dusting walls and ceilings

  3. Cleaning air vents

  4. Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans

  5. Decluttering the space

  6. Laundering duvets, comforters, quilts, and pillows

  7. Dusting electronics

  8. Cleaning under furniture

  9. Sweeping and mopping any hard floors

Laundry Room Fall Cleaning

The significance of cleaning your laundry room seasonally should not be overlooked. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, many household fires originate from this room, often due to accumulated dryer lint and other debris. When hiring a dryer vent cleaning service to handle your ground-level or rooftop dryer vents (and to inspect the external dryer vent screen), ensure they also assess the indoor laundry area. They should check how the dryer fits against the wall to help minimize your fire risk. In addition to rooftop dryer vent cleaning in the fall, other necessary tasks in this room include:

  1. Sweeping up dryer lint and debris from the floors and under appliances

  2. Decluttering the laundry area

  3. Organizing and storing hanging clothes and piled laundry in appropriate rooms

  4. Safely storing cleaning agents and other household items

  5. Thoroughly wiping the interiors and exteriors of appliances

  6. Mopping the hard floors

  7. Dusting walls and ceilings to clear out dryer lint and cobwebs

  8. Cleaning light fixtures and air vents

For dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent screen repair, and laundry area safety inspection as part of your fall cleaning, call Superior Dryer Vent Cleaning in Plano, Texas, at (214) 494-9740. Learn More: How to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

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